HAA Krishi Think-Tank

Havyaka Association of Americas is glad to announce a ‘HAA Krishi’ Think-Tank (or committee) here in USA to promote modern and sustainable agricultural through automation, and help our community back in India. This think-tank will provide an advisory service and it’s initial focus area includes:
  • Agriculture Automation support or advisory service – where feasible
  • Identifying markets and opportunities (trade) here in Americas
  • Connecting agriculture interested Havyaka youth &  entrepreneurs with universities/companies/investors for information exchange an research projects
  • Bringing awareness on various bio-diseases or chemical usage or such issues
  • Suggest alternative crops or ideas, bring awareness on related issues
Following members of the community are serving in this committee. They will collaborate with organizations like Havyaka Mahasabha, CAMPCO, TSS, TMS or such organizations back in India. If you would like to support or to know more information please send an inquiry through HAA website – contact us link.
# Name  Role Location Email
1 Shri Mahadev Bhat Chair FL
2 Shri Ramesh Hegde Member TX
3 Shri Subray Hegde Member VA
4 Shri Dinakar Bhattramakki Member IO
5 Shri Raveendra Bhat Member CA
6 Shri Naveen Hegde Member Toronto