Washington DC Chapter

Washington DC Chapter of HAA, covers District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. It was started in 2003. It was started by Vinuta Bhat and then lead by Mahabal Hegde, Anil Krishnananda,  Ramakrishna Bhat, Prakash Bhat, Pradeep. It has around 40 Havyaka families now. Current Vice President of the Chapter is Shri Uday Adikehitlu and he can be reached at email: bhatuday@gmail.com
Smt. Girinari & Shri Ramachandra K Bhat  (past president of HAA) is our mentor/guide. He has lead the 1996 convention here.  DC chapter is going to host 2015 HAA bi-Annual Convention and is eager to see you all.
 Upcoming events
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Year 2014 events :

Ganesha Habba Celebration:

DC Havyaka families gathered at Aparna and Raj Parthaje’s house on September 7, 2014 to celebrate this year’s Ganesha Habba. Celebration started with the Ganesha Pooja followed by ‘habbada sihi oota’ and ended with updates from Mr. Shivu Bhat regarding 2015 HAA convention. Many thanks to Parthaje family for hosting this event.

Deepavali Celebration:

DC Havyka families gathered at Vinutha and Shivu Bhat’s house on October 25, 2014, to celebrate this year’s Deepavali festival. We had a music program by Ms. Radha Desai who was visiting USA, followed by Deepavali Pooja. Kids presented their Deepavali Lamp creations and enjoyed the fireworks. We all enjoyed the great dinner and listened to updates from Mr. Shivu Bhat regarding 2015 HAA convention. Celebration ended with dance. Many thanks to Bhat family for hosting this memorable event.

 Chapter Archival
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