North West (Seattle) Chapter

North West  or Seattle Chapter of HAA has a fascinating history. The chapter was originally started by Rama Joisa. His daughter Sowmya, a 2nd generation American Havyaka, is an active member of our group. Later, the chapter was run by Mrs. Clarita and late Mr. Venkat Bhat for a long time. It is unique in the sense, Mrs. Clarita Bhat, originally from Holland, had a great interest in Havyaka community and promoted community activities including hiking and skiing. Today, as the home of large technology companies, we have around 20+ families who meet four times a year (Ugadi, Summer Picnic, Ganesha, and Deepvali). We bring reminiscence to our programs by having tambula/kavala, traditional food and dress, and playing games like Lagori and Chinni Dandu. We manage our events, menu for the events, and all community communications through Facebook group. Our current Vice President is Swamy Narayana and he can be reached at