Midwest Chapter

Midwest  Chapter of HAA  – Illinois, Indiana
VP:   Rashmi Palamadai

Midwest HAA celebrated Ugadhi Habba at Sri Sudhir and Aparna Adkoli’s residence on April-16-2016. Approximately 55 members attended the event.

Picnic : June 25th 


Midwest Havyaka Chapter : Ganapathi Habba

 Thanks to Dr RaviKiran and Shaila Tamregouri for  hosting the event. Thanks to Rashmi Palamadai for organizing the event.
Midwest Havyaka Chapter: Deepavali 
Thanks to Shewtha and Prashanth Koorse for hosting all the Midwest Havyakas.   Thanks to Rashmi for organizing the event
 Upcoming events
# Event  Name Date/Time Location Notes
1 Picnic June 25
2 Ganapathi Habba Sept 22 Dr RaviKiran and Shaila T residence
3 Deepavali Oct  31 Prashanth and Shwetha Kurse Residence
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