Canada East Chapter

Canada (East)  Chapter: The Canada Chapter is primarily based in the Greater Toronto area, but we have members from other Canadian cities like Montreal, Vancouver, London, Victoria and also from western New York area such as Buffalo, NY.  The group has been  informally gathering at  Sharada and Parameshwara Bhat’s place  since early 90’s and has now grown to more than 35 families. The Toronto  havyaka members have the unique distinction of  starting  a full fledged Yakshagana troupe (Yakshamitra) in North America which has been performing at various venues in Canada and U.S.  Yakshamitra’s history can be found here
Smt. Sharada & Shri Param Bhat are considered as the founders/ mentors of the community here. The current Vice President is Shrikant Hegde has big plans to organize more events and  can be reached at