Website Contributors

In year 2014 our association website was re-engineered and was released in June. HAA is grateful the the following contributors who made this website possible.

Sl. No Name Role/Contribution Place
 1 Yajnesh Bhat Wesbite design  CA
 2 Krupesh Bhat Website Architecture  BLR
3 Pradeep Chandrashekhar Developer & Web-Master  MD
4 Sudarshan Bhat Programmer  BLR
5 Manjunath Hegde System Administration  VA
6 Aditya Nandodi &
Mangalmurthy Bhat
Generously transferred  domain/URL to HAA MUM/BLR
7 Sunil A Hegde, Tattisara Photographs Sirsi
8 Ravi Madodi Photographs BLR
9 Gajanan V Hegde Log, Photographs & content NJ
10 Shivu Bhat Project co-ordination VA

Previous version of this website was developed and maintained by Mabal Bhat Sediyapu and HAA members directory was maintained by Raghuram Bhat.