HAA Chapters

Initially there were three major geographical chapters of HAA namely: East Coast, Midwest & West-Coast. Respective Vice Presidents organize each chapter activities.During 1997, twelve more sub-chapters with respective VPs were formed to facilitate better interactions among havyaka families located within a smaller regional level. Now we have 16 chapters across north America.These included New England (Boston Area, Rochester-Buffalo- NY area), Pittsburgh (East PA,West Virginia-Ohio, Carolinas), Florida, Atlanta (Including Tennessee/ GA area), Kansas (including Missouri-Iowa area), Huston/Texas area, Arkansas (including Arizona), Northwest (Seattle-Oregon area), Southern CA (Bay area, Los Angeles-San Diego area), and Canada -East. This concept was further expanded during 2003 by adding two more sub-chapters in Washington DC-Virginia area and Detroit/Michigan area. In 2014 Minnesota Chapter has started covering twin cities and nearby cities.

Following is the list of Chapters and their VP’s Contact information:

# Chapter Name Region VP – Name VP – email
Mid Shri Subramanya Bhat subra_bhat@yahoo.com
2 Atlanta East Dr. Annapoorna Bhat 42bhat@bellsouth.net
3 Colorado mid Shri Ganesh Kurse ganesh@grkconsulting.com
4 Detroit Mid Shri Mahesh Balike mbalike@yahoo.com
5 East Coast East Smt Shubha Hegde  haaeastcoast@gmail.com
East Shri Mahadeva Bhat mahadevgbhat@gmail.com
7 Kansas Mid Shri Ramakrishna Hegde hegde98@yahoo.com
8 Mid-West Mid Smt  Rashmi Palamadai rashmiandbala@yahoo.com
Mid Shri Gopal Haregoppa havyaka.mn@gmail.com
10 New England East Shri Kiran Adkoli k_adkoli@yahoo.com
11 North-West West Shri Swamy Narayana swamy.narayana@hotmail.com
Pittsburgh Chapter
East Smt Sarveshwari Hegde sarvejaji@yahoo.com
13 Southern California West Shri Sudharma Rao Sudharma_Rao@yahoo.com
14 Washington DC East Smt  Veda Hegde vedahegde@gmail.com
15 West-Coast West Sri Sathya  Bhat Sathya_bhat@hotmail.com
16 Canada -East East Shri Shrikant Hegde shegde111@gmail.com
17 Dallas -TX Mid Banumathy Honnavara bnadahalli@gmail.com

For questions or updates, please reach out to Anil Adkoli <president@havyak.org>